Item: eGo-CE4+(Luxury) Name: eGo-CE4+(Luxury)
1. Size: L 141.5*D 14mm
2. Our CE4+ Clear Cartomzer with 2 long wick can refill 1.6-2.0 ml ejuice, can smoke 900-1100 puffs. Round tip and flat tip are optional
3. Content of battery: 650/900/1100mah Luxury Diamond Battery are optional
4. Clear Cartomizer can see the liquid status, used for EGO series
5. Different Diamond LED Color to show Battery Residual Capacity: High Capacity - Green Color, Med Capacity - Orange Color, Low Capacity - Red Color, None Capacity - Blue Color
6. Top Grade Stoving Varnish, 5 Click shut/off function